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TUTT H6 AMOLED 2.04” Screen Classic Smart Watch | NFC | GPS Exercise SpO2 Stress & Sleep Monitoring | Calorie & Activity Tracker IP67 Men Women Smartwatch Two Straps

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Color: Silver

Product Description

What's included:

  • -Smartwatch -Charging Cable -User Manual- Two Straps Grey Rubber & Silver Steel

1. **AMOLED Large Vibrant Screen**: Latest Technology. TUTT H6, an AMOLED smartwatch featuring a large 2.04-inch screen with a high resolution of 368x448, ensuring clear visuals and vibrant colors.


2. **Main Functions**: This smartwatch is designed for multitasking, offering features like BT calling, voice control, message reminders, stock market updates, games, NFC integration, stress tests, breathing training, calendar, world clock, password unlocking, customizable dials, weather forecasts, step counting, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, sedentary reminders, mileage tracking, blood oxygen monitoring, search functionalities, calorie tracking, and comprehensive message notifications.


3. **Sedentary Reminders**: This feature helps users maintain an active lifestyle by reminding them to move or take breaks after prolonged periods of inactivity.


4.**Health Monitoring Suite**: The smartwatch alerts users about irregular health patterns and high-stress levels. The stress test feature aims to provide breathing exercises or other stress-reducing activities to help manage stress levels. It provides real-time tracking and analysis of vital health metrics, including continuous heart rate monitoring,blood oxygen level assessment, and sleep pattern analysis. Users can gain insights into their overall health and well-being.


5. **Sleep Analysis**: Detailed sleep tracking functionality allows users to understand their sleep patterns, monitor sleep quality, and receive insights for better sleep management.


6. **Fitness Modes and Coaching**: Various sport modes and training guidance aid users in their fitness routines, offering specific activities and coaching to enhance their workout sessions.


7. **Activity Tracking**: The watch serves as a comprehensive activity tracker, recording steps, distance covered, and calories burned throughout the day. It enables users to set fitness goals and monitor their progress.


8. **Battery Capacity**: With a 260mAh battery, the smartwatch provides a decent duration for uninterrupted use, balancing performance and battery life.


9. **Versatile Utility**: Not only limited to health, it provides an array of services such as weather forecasts, various notifications, and entertainment features like BT music and multiple games, ensuring a holistic experience for the user.


10. **Breathing Training**: The TUTT H6 smartwatch includes a breath training feature aimed at aiding users in managing stress and promoting relaxation. This functionality offers guided breathing exercises or patterns, assisting users in practicing controlled breathing techniques. By following these exercises, individuals can potentially reduce stress levels, improve mindfulness, and enhance overall well-being. The watch's breath training feature serves as a tool for relaxation and stress management, contributing to a more holistic approach to health and wellness.



About NFC (Near Field Communication)


Important Note: Read and follow the instructions on your smartphone or any other smart devices to securely enable and connect the Smartwatch NFC.


The TUTT H6 smartwatch integrates NFC technology to offer features such as contactless payments, easy connectivity with other NFC-enabled devices, access control, data sharing, and tag reading. This inclusion broadens the watch's functionality, enabling secure transactions, swift device pairing, access control, and interactive data sharing capabilities.



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