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TUTT S1-BOOM Electric Bike 48V 2000W 48V 22.4Ah 35MPH 26" Dual Suspension Hydraulic Disc Brake 7 Speed E Bike Bicycle Mountain Ebike

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Product Description

- Dual-Motor Electric Bike:

  - Engineered with TWO 1000W high-speed brushless motors, the Dual-Motor Electric Bike provides unparalleled power and climbing capabilities, enabling riders to effortlessly reach speeds up to 35MPH. Whether tackling steep inclines or navigating rugged terrain, this bike offers a thrilling riding experience for outdoor enthusiasts.

  - Enhanced with a precision-engineered 7-Speed Gear system, ascent becomes swifter and more manageable, delivering a newfound level of control and efficiency during climbs. This innovative feature not only amplifies performance but also introduces riders to a seamless and exhilarating riding experience.

- Big Capacity Lithium Battery Ebike:

  - Boasting a large capacity 48V 22.4Ah lithium battery, this ebike offers an impressive riding range of 40-60 miles on a single charge. Whether embarking on extended journeys or daily commutes, riders can rely on the long-lasting power of this battery to fuel their adventures.

  - Designed for convenience, the waterproof and removable battery allows for easy charging at home or the office. Additionally, the inclusion of an upgraded 54.6V 3A charger ensures rapid charging, completing the process in just 5-8 hours, minimizing downtime and maximizing ride time.

- Full Suspension Electric Bike:

  - Engineered with a lockable dual crown Fork, the Full Suspension Electric Bike provides riders with unparalleled comfort and control, mitigating fatigue and ensuring smoother rides on any terrain. Whether navigating rocky trails or urban streets, this feature enhances stability and confidence, elevating the overall riding experience.

  - Equipped with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, this bike offers superior braking performance in diverse conditions. From rainy weather to heavy off-road tracks and prolonged descents, riders can rely on these brakes for precise and effective stopping power, enhancing safety and control.

- Fat Tire Electric Bike:

  - Featuring 26'' *4.0'' fat tires with specialized tread patterns, the Fat Tire Electric Bike offers enhanced traction, grip, and stability, making it ideal for various riding conditions. Whether traversing sandy beaches, snowy trails, or rainy streets, these tires provide optimal performance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable riding experience.

  - Offering multiple riding modes including pure electric mode, pedal-assist mode (with 5 levels of assistance), cruise mode, and normal bike mode, this bike caters to a wide range of preferences and riding styles. From effortless cruising to challenging terrain, riders can customize their experience for maximum enjoyment and efficiency.

- Excellent Riding Performance:

  - Crafted from high-quality aluminum 6061 alloy, the frame of the ebike is not only durable and sturdy but also lightweight, offering superior performance and handling. Whether navigating city streets or rugged trails, riders can trust in the reliability and longevity of this frame, ensuring countless miles of enjoyment.

  - Equipped with a powerful front headlight and LCD intelligent display, riders can enjoy enhanced visibility and convenience during their rides. From illuminating dark paths to monitoring speed, distance, and battery life, these features elevate the overall riding experience, providing riders with confidence and peace of mind.

- Warranty and Assembly:

  - Backed by a one-year warranty, riders can ride with confidence knowing that their investment is protected against defects and malfunctions. With dedicated after-sales support and professional lifetime technical assistance, riders can enjoy peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance.

  - Designed for easy assembly, the ebike comes 85% pre-assembled, with simple parts left for hands-on assembly. Accessible video guides are available on the product page, providing step-by-step instructions for seamless setup and customization. From assembly to maintenance, our commitment to exceptional service ensures that riders can focus on what they love most – riding.





**Brand Name:** TUTT S1-BOOM


**Fork:** Aluminum Alloy suspension, travel 160mm

**Charging Time:** 4-6 Hours

**Brake:** Hydraulic Oil Brake

**Max Speed:** 56.8Km/h, With Front Motor Switch

**Tire:** 7 Speed Fat Tire 26" Dual Drives, Full Suspension, Dual Crown Fork, Speed Cruise (Aluminum Alloy)

**Monitor:** Middle Color Display 81f

**Cassettes:** SHIMANO TZ21-7, 14-28T

**Shifting Lever:** SHIMANO TX50-7

**Crank Sets:** Aluminum Alloy, Square Hole 48T

- **Voltage:** 48V

**Certification:** CE/UL/ISO4210

**Warranty:** Motor & Frame 5 Years, Other Parts 1 Year

**Included Accessories:** Chargers, Tool Boxes, Headlight & Taillight, Rear Racks, Mudguard, Phone Holder

**Model Number:** S1

**Frame Material:** Aluminium alloy

**Battery Options:**

  - 48V 22.4AH lithium battery

**Front Fork:** Dual-shoulder suspension front fork

**Brake:** Hydraulic disc brake

**Tire:** CHAOYANG 26"×4

**Full Charger Endurance:** 30-60km

**Maximum Loading:** 150kg

**Certification:** CE/UL/ISO4210

**Charger:** AC 100v-240v 2Amps

**Packing:** Electric bicycle*1, Charger*1, Instructions*1

**Charging Time:** 6-12 Hours

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