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TUTT S730 Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth V5.0 Earbuds Built-in Mic Bluetooth Headphones in-Ear Stereo Wireless Earphones with Charging Case Waterproof Headset Ear Buds for Sport Running Business

par TUTT
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Product Description

Ergonomic Design for Sports -- Unshakable and comfortable fit ear hooks and ergonomic shape make the wireless earbuds stay firmly in position with no pain while sports. Comes with 3 different sized eartips that fit snugly and comfy in the ears. The wireless earbuds will never fall off even do strenuous endurance training. TUTT S730 wireless earphones are built for any lifestyle. Go ahead and wear them running in the rain, working out at the gym, cycling, or hiking.


The open-ear wearing ensures healthy and safe using of headphones. Without inserting the earbuds into the ear canal, the irritation to sensitive skin will be avoided and the impact of sound waves on the eardrum will be reduced, so that to prevent the hearing damage. It also allows you to be aware of surroundings for staying away from potential dangers and to be polite in social life


Tired of the discomfort of traditional in-ear / over-ear headphones? Try this ultra-lightweight air conduction headphones. It rests on your outer ears gently instead of reaching into your sensitive ear

canal. The flexible memory Ti alloy wire provides proper support as you need, rather than clamping your head tightly like a pliers. Even after 10 hours of continuous wearing, you’ll not feel any burden and pain


This wireless headphones adopted a pair of high quality Air Conduction Speakers - these powerful

speakers are widely used in high-end smartphones. It produces crystal clear and loud sound, meanwhile, it minimized the sound leakage by well-designed acoustic parts. You can hear the voice clearly even in busy environment. [It provides balanced audio performance, NOT FOR HEAVY BASS]


Built-in high quality microphone ensures a smooth talk, Bluetooth 5.0 supports distant

transmission up to 10M, 150mAh battery provides 300 hours of standby time and 6-8 hours of playback, 3 buttons to provide convenient hands-free controls as you need - play / pause / switch track, volume up / down, pickup / end / reject phone call


How to Pairing?

1-Check the earbuds is charged;

2-Activate your device's bluetooth function;

3-Take out the earbuds from the charging case,they will pairing with each

4-Use your device to search to connect,there will have a voice prompt"Connected".

2: How to turn off the headphones via press button?

Answer 2:You can press the touch button for 3-5 seconds to turn off the headphones.(Please note:When the headphones connect with your bluetoth device,the headphones can not be turn off when you press the touch button,you can put the headphones back to the charging case to switch it off.)

3: How to check the earbuds charging indication?

When the earbuds is charging,the left/right earbud charging status icon will flash.When fully charged,the earbud charging icon will go out.

When the charging case is charging,the number display will show.


Please charge the charging case and the earbuds every 1-2 months when not used for long time.

It is recommended to gently wipe the charging pins and copper column with a cotton swab on a regular basis.Adjust position of the earbuds / Clean the spring needle and copper column with a cotton swab.

Never use liquids to clean the sport headphones. Otherwise, the earbuds charge unsuccessfully or even can't power on because the magnet connector is oxidized.

What you will get:2 x wireless earbud;1 x charging case;1 x charging cable;1 x user manual;1 x replacement eartips.

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