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TUTT S2 Portable Laptop Monitor Screen Triple Extender 14” FHD 1080P IPS Built-in Stand and Speakers, HDMI/Type-C Plug and Play Display for 13"-17" Laptops Mac Window Android Linux

par TUTT
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Product Description

Please Read Before Purchase:

ONLY USB-C Full Featured with Thunderbolt or similar Marks Transmits Video

Your Laptop Will Need:

1- Two USB-C Full Featured OR

2- One USB-C Full Featured and HDMI

Order Of Connection:

1- Laptop’s USB-C Full Featured to FIRST Monitor

2- Laptop’s HDMI To SECOND Monitor

3- SECOND Monitors USB-C to Wall-Charger

Note: Some Laptops Don’t Support Extra Power through USB-C

Note: For Apple M1/M2/M3 MacBook or other models you may need H5 2-in-1 High Definition Video Transmission Conversion Cable

“IMPORTANT NOTE”: Not compatible with 2020 M1 and 2022 M2 chip MacBooks for dual-screen functionality.**

Please Contact Us First If You’re Not Sure About Compatibility

NOTE: You May Need TUTT H5 2-in-1 High Definition Video Transmission Conversion Cable If not have USB C and for Apple M1/M2/M3 MacBooks.

“IMPORTANT NOTE”: Not compatible with 2020 M1 and 2022 M2 chip MacBooks for dual-screen functionality

.**“IMPORTANT”: Full-Featured USB C (2 ports) or HTMI + One Full-Featured USB C Required (Reqular USB C doesn’t Trasmit Video)

**Enhanced Productivity with TUTT S2 Laptop Screen Extender:** TUTT S2 is a versatile, plug-and-play dual-screen extender designed to swiftly elevate your workspace. Experience a 50% boost in efficiency through multi-screen simultaneous display and differential display options, enabling seamless multitasking without compromising space.

**Effortless & Portable Companion:** The TUTT S2 triple portable monitor effortlessly connects to your laptop without additional accessories. Supporting laptop screens up to 405mm in width, it includes an adjustable stand for stability. Weighing a mere 3.57LB, this ultra-portable, slim extender easily fits into the provided bag, making it perfect for travel. **Seamless Connectivity Across Systems:

** This laptop screen extender is a plug-and-play device compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux – requiring no drivers. Offering multiple cable options, including USB-C to USB-C/USB-C to USB-A, and USB-C to HDMI (for video signals), it is compatible with laptops supporting dual video signal outputs (not compatible with M1/M2 chips).

**Premium Display Quality & Flexibility:** Revel in the dual 14'' 1080P FHD IPS full-view screens with a brightness of 300 nits, delivering exceptional display quality. Both screens can be rotated 180 degrees forward, allowing for customized viewing angles. Explore multiple display modes such as mirror/extend, enhancing flexibility in usage.

**Dedicated Support for Your Peace of Mind:** With our rigorous quality control, rest assured in the reliability of TUTT S2. We provide exceptional pre-sales and after-sales service to address all your queries and concerns. For compatibility assurance, reach out to our support team. Please note: TUTT S2 isn't compatible with 2020 M1 and 2022 M2 chip MacBooks for dual-screen functionality; it supports only one screen due to a single video signal output.

Frequently  Asked Questions

Q:How I Can Know The TYPE-C Interface Of My Laptop Is Full-Featured Or Not Since There Is Not Any Symbol On This Interface?

A:Normally if the TYPE-C interface has the symbol like “DP”, or the interface is Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4, it is full-featured. If not any symbols, please check the introduction of your laptop from user menu or from internet.

Q:My Laptop How Do I Connect To TUTT S2?

Please make sure your laptop support 2 video signals transfer so that to make the dual screens of S2 working well. It means your laptop will have 2 full featured Type-C(support video signal and power supply together) interfaces or 1 full featured Type-C & 1 HDMI +1 USB-A interfaces.

HDMI and USB-C to USB-A cables need to be used at the same time.

Q:My Laptop Works With The TUTT S2, But Sometimes The Screen Flickers And Disappears, What Should I Do?

A:The reason is the power from your laptop interface is not enough or stable for TUTT S2. In order to making it working well, please use an adapter (5V/2A or above) to supply the power from outside.

My Laptop Doesn't Have HDMI Or Type-CPort, How To Connect TUTT S2?

If your laptop doesn't have HDMI or Type-C interfaces to connect the screen, You can connect via HDMI and USB-A interfaces that are expanded with a HUB, docking station, or multi-port adapter.

2020 M1 And 2022 M2 Chip MacBook Users Notice

2020 M1 and 2022 M2 chip MacBook just can make one screen of S2 to work.

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