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TUTT P1 Selfie Phone Holder Mount | Smart 360° Auto Face Tracking Gimbal Desktop Stabilizer Tripod | Adjustable Lens | No App, Gesture Control | Stable Base Smartphone Live Chat

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Product Description

1. **Smart & Accurate Auto Tracking:** The TUTT P1 Selfie Phone Holder Mount goes beyond traditional stabilizers with its advanced face real-time tracking. This intelligent feature automatically recognizes and follows your face, ensuring that you stay in the frame during live streaming, online chatting, video recording, and other activities. Additionally, the device supports AI recognition and gesture control, providing a seamless and intuitive user experience.

2. **Flexible and Smooth Rotation:** Experience unparalleled flexibility with a 360° horizontal rotation capability. The adjustable lens allows you to tilt it upward and downward, ensuring that the camera covers nearly every angle. This results in less blind spots during video recording, making it a versatile tool for content creation. The built-in large-capacity lithium battery not only ensures an extended working time but also allows for quick recharging via the provided USB cable, keeping you ready for your creative endeavors.

3. **No APP Required:** Say goodbye to the hassle of extra app downloads and complex Bluetooth connections. The TUTT P1 comes equipped with a built-in auto-tracking camera system, streamlining the setup process. This eliminates concerns about smartphone system compatibility, providing a straightforward and efficient solution for users.

4. **Simple to Use:** Designed for user convenience, the TUTT P1 is compatible with smartphones ranging from 40-80mm in width. Securing your smartphone in the phone clamp is quick and easy. Simply press the power button to initiate your video recording. The device also allows for effortless switching between horizontal and vertical phone placement modes, catering to different content creation needs.

5. **Standard Extensibility:** The device's large base, complete with anti-slip pads, ensures stability when placed on a desktop or other surfaces. Moreover, the bottom 1/4 inch screw hole opens up possibilities for enhanced creativity. You can easily mount the smart gimbal to a tripod or other brackets, providing a stable platform for capturing unique and dynamic shots.


**Additional Specifications:** - Battery Capacity: 1200mAh - Working Time: About 5 hours - Best Distance: 1-3 meters - Gesture Control: Utilize "OK" to start follow and "Palm" to pause - Compatible Mobile Phone Width: 40-80mm

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