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TUTT L1 Portable Laptop Cellphone Monitor Extender 12.3" IPS FHD High Brightness Gaming Touchscreen Dual Speakers Touch Screen Extension for Windows Mac PC Laptop Phone PS5/Switch

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Product Description

**High Brightness FHD IPS Screen:** TUTT L1 portable monitor boasts a 12.3” screen with 600 nits brightness and 1920 x 860P resolution, offering a wider and clearer viewing field with vibrant colors. It supports customization of controls like brightness, contrast, and backlight, enhancing viewing experience and efficiency in both extend and duplicate modes.

**Touchscreen & Dual Surround Speakers:** Featuring a sensitive 10-point touch interface for Windows (1 point for Mac/Android), the monitor delivers seamless interaction. Paired with dual surround stereo speakers, it offers immersive gaming, video, and presentation experiences, functioning as a second screen for laptops/computers and as a display for Android phones.
**Detachable Stand & Wall Mount Compatibility:** The monitor comes with a detachable stand offering multi-angle support in both horizontal and vertical orientations. With three stand slots on the back cover and holes compatible with standard 100/75/50 wall mounts, it ensures flexible positioning for optimal viewing, enhancing versatility and compatibility.
**World of Connectivity:** Equipped with multiple ports, including Type-C for one-cable connection (requires full-function Type-C port on the computer), the monitor supports seamless switching between phone and computer modes (compatible with Hammer TNT, Huawei EMUI, and Samsung DEX). The Type-C interface allows fast charging (PD60W), while the USB 2.0 interface supports OTG expansion. **Professional After-Sales Service:** Weighing only 2.3 pounds and measuring 1 inch thick, the TUTT L1 monitor is both desktop-friendly and highly portable. Our dedicated after-sales team ensures professional support and assistance. For inquiries, reach out to our team through the seller's profile. Ensure your device has at least one full-function Type-C port or HDMI (power supply required). **Compatibility:** The monitor is compatible with laptops, desktops, and tablets, enhancing productivity across various devices. Its versatility makes it suitable for gaming, entertainment, business presentations, and more.

**Enhanced Viewing Experience:** With its high brightness and FHD IPS screen, the monitor offers vivid colors, sharp details, and wide viewing angles, ensuring an immersive visual experience for users. **Efficient and Convenient:** Whether used as a second screen for multitasking or for extending smartphone displays, the TUTT L1 monitor enhances productivity and convenience with its touchscreen capabilities, dual speakers, versatile connectivity options, and compact design. **Screen Size:** 12.3 inches **Resolution:** 1920 x 860 pixels **Brightness:** 600 nits **Screen Type:** IPS FHD **Touchscreen:** Yes, 10 points touch for Windows, 1 point for Mac/Android **Speakers:** Dual surround stereo speakers **Ports:** Type-C for video signal (requires full-function Type-C port on the computer), USB 2.0 interface for OTG expansion **Compatibility:** Windows, Mac, Android (limited touch support), Hammer TNT, Huawei EMUI, Samsung DEX **Stand:** Detachable stand with multi-angle support **Wall Mount Compatibility:** Holes compatible with standard 100/75/50 wall mounts **Weight:** 2.3 pounds **Thickness:** 1 inch **Power Delivery:** Type-C interface supports PD60W fast charging

**Frequently Asked Questions**

**1. Why does my laptop show "NO Signal" when connected to L1 via the TYPE-C port?**

If your laptop's TYPE-C port displays "NO Signal" when connected to L1, it likely indicates that the TYPE-C port is not full-featured. A full-featured TYPE-C port supports both video signal transfer and power supply simultaneously.

**2. How can I determine if the TYPE-C interface of my laptop is full-featured?**

Typically, if the TYPE-C interface has symbols like "DP" or if it is labeled as Thunderbolt 3 or Thunderbolt 4, it is full-featured. If there are no symbols, please refer to the user manual of your laptop or check online for more information.

**3. My laptop has one full-featured TYPE-C interface and one HDMI port. How should I connect to L1?**

You have two options: - Connect the full-featured TYPE-C interface directly to L1 using a TYPE-C to TYPE-C cable. - Connect the HDMI interface to the Mini HDMI port on L1. Additionally, use a USB-C to USB-A cable to supply power to L1 from your laptop.

**4. Why does the screen flicker, disappear, and then reconnect when my laptop is connected to L1?**

This issue occurs when the power supplied from your laptop's interface is insufficient or unstable for L1. To resolve this, use an adapter (5V/2A or above) to supply stable power from an external source.
**5. My laptop only has one TYPE-C port. How can I charge it while using TUTT L1?**

To charge your laptop while using TUTT L1, use an adapter (65W or above) that supports PD65W fast charging to supply power through the TYPE-C interface of L1. This power will not only operate L1 but also charge your laptop simultaneously.

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