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TUTT 4K 60fps 20MP Waterproof Action Camera Dash Cam 2” IPS Display IP68 Waterproof Underwater Wi-fi Motion Camera Hamlet Vlogging Hard Case 128GB SanDisk 3 in 1 SD/TF/Charging Kit

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Product Description

1. **4K HD Resolution**: The camera offers an impressive 4K super HD resolution, ensuring that every detail of your adventures is captured with stunning clarity. Whether you're recording fast-paced action sequences or capturing serene landscapes, the 4K resolution provides an immersive visual experience. Additionally, the support for 1080P at 60 frames per second ensures smooth and lifelike motion in your footage.

2. **IP68 Waterproof Rating**: One of the standout features of this camera is its IP68 waterproof rating, which allows it to be submerged in water up to a depth of 5 meters. This makes it perfect for underwater photography and filming during activities like snorkeling, diving, or swimming. Moreover, its resilience to drops, dust, and shocks makes it a reliable companion for outdoor adventures in various environments.

3. **Anti-Shaking Technology**: The built-in 6-axis multiple EIS sensors effectively detect and compensate for any camera shake or jitter during recording. This ensures that your footage remains stable and smooth even in turbulent conditions or when capturing fast-paced action scenes. The intelligent anti-shake algorithm further enhances the stability of your videos, resulting in professional-quality footage.

4. **Long Battery Life**: Equipped with a high-capacity 1050mAh polymer lithium battery, this camera offers extended recording time, allowing you to capture hours of footage on a single charge. Whether you're embarking on a day-long hiking trip or filming a time-lapse video, you can rely on the camera's long-lasting battery to capture every moment without interruption.

5. **Remote Control and Connectivity**: The inclusion of a smart remote control provides convenient access to the camera's functions, allowing you to capture photos and videos with ease. Additionally, the camera's Wi-Fi connectivity enables seamless integration with the official app, providing access to advanced features such as live preview, remote shooting, and instant sharing of content on social media platforms. TUTT 4K 60fps Waterproof Action Camera Dash Cam is a versatile and reliable companion for adventurers, sports enthusiasts, and travel enthusiasts alike. With its high-resolution video capabilities, rugged design, and advanced features, it empowers users to capture and share their most memorable moments with unparalleled clarity and convenience.

1. Material: ABS, electronic components

2. Function: IP68 waterproof, 170 degree long wide-angle 6-wave high-definition optical glass lens, bare metal waterproof 10 meters (no waterproof case required), support (mobile phone APP control), SOS emergency light, outdoor flashlight lighting, support (car mode/ Motion detection/WDR wide dynamic), continuous shooting, automatic shooting, loop recording, time-lapse recording, etc.

3. Application scenarios: outdoor sports, cycling, driving recorder, security, etc.

4. Optical zoom factor: 4 times

5. Lens: 170 degree wide angle 6 glass lens

6. Display screen: 2.0 inches IPS

7. Resolution support: 1080p

8. Sensor type: Aptina AR0330 16MP

9. Whether touch screen: touch screen

10. Storage: MICRO SD card (MAX: 128GB)

11. Data connection: USB 3.0 /HDM/WIFI

12. Charging time: about 1.5 hours

13. Car mode: support

14. Motion detection: support

15. WDR wide dynamic: support

16. Camera function: Selfie, continuous shooting, automatic shooting, flash, etc.

17. Recording function: loop recording, time-lapse recording, etc.

18. Adjustable viewing angle: supports three viewing angles: large, medium and small

19. Built-in battery: 1050mAh lithium battery

20. Dimensions: 6.3 x 4.55 x 2.55 cm

21. Weight: 75 grams

What's in the Box:

*Action Camera

*Hard Shell Case

*Remote Control


*Date cable

*Bicycle bracket

*Helmet seat

*3 Adapter bracket

*Fix seat




*Base glue

*Wiping cloth

*  SanDisk 128Ultra MicroSD 120MB/s, Full HD A1

* 2-in-1 USB3.0 Micro SD Card Reader, 5Gbps

* Lightning to SD/Micro Card Reader

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