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TUTT K7 Drop-Resistant Eva Case Shell HD 7” Kid’s Learning Educational Tablet 8GB Memory (Extendable) Android Dual Camera Parental Control Kid Tablet

par TUTT
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Color: Blue

Product Description

The **TUTT K717 Rugged Drop-Resistant Eva Case Shell 7” Kid’s Learning Educational Tablet** offers a comprehensive and secure learning environment for children. Here's a detailed breakdown: 1. **Parental Control Mode:** With a dedicated parental control mode, parents can regulate and monitor their child's tablet usage, ensuring a safe and educational experience.

2. **Eye Protection Screen:** The tablet boasts an HD IPS screen with eye protection features. This prioritizes the well-being of your child's eyes during extended tablet usage, making it suitable for educational purposes.

3. **Rugged EVA Drop-Resistant Shell:** Designed with a durable EVA shell, this tablet is resistant to both dirt and drops. This feature ensures the device's longevity and robustness, making it well-suited for the active learning environment of a child.

4. **Android App Market:** Access a diverse range of educational content through the Android App Market. This includes audiobooks and Iwawa Kids Software, providing an extensive library for educational and entertaining applications.

5. **Live Online Learning:** The tablet is equipped with Zoom Live Streaming Software, facilitating online learning and home education. This feature enhances the tablet's utility as an educational tool by providing opportunities for interactive learning experiences.

6. **Powerful Performance:** The tablet runs on an MTK Quad-core 1.2GHz CPU with Mali400 GPU. This powerful combination ensures smooth performance, enabling the efficient handling of educational applications and interactive content.

7. **Ample Storage:** With 1GB RAM and 8GB internal memory, the tablet provides sufficient space for educational content. Additionally, it supports storage expansion up to 32GB through an SD/TF card, accommodating a growing library of learning materials. 8. **Compact and Portable:** The tablet's compact dimensions (181*121*10.8mm) make it easy to handle for young learners. Additional features such as USB 2.0, a 3.5mm earphone port, and front/back 0.3M cameras contribute to a well-rounded learning and entertainment experience for children.

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