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FIMI Palm 2 Pro (Upgraded) 3-axis Handheld Stabilized Gimbal Pocket Camera 1/2 Inch, Sensor 4K 30fps 160 Minute Mechanical Stabilization 128GB SD Sold by TUTT

par TUTT
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Product Description

- Extended Battery Life: With a robust 2600mAh battery, the PALM 2 Pro boasts an impressive 160-minute runtime, providing ample freedom for your artistic endeavors.

- Enhanced Sensor: Featuring an upgraded Sony sensor, this camera delivers an expanded dynamic range, resulting in footage of exceptional clarity. Embrace the mesmerizing beauty of twilight with unparalleled detail.

- Noise-canceling Microphone: The innovative audio recording system ensures pristine sound quality, especially in quiet environments, enabling precise recordings. Even amidst bustling surroundings, capture high-fidelity audio effortlessly.

- 4K UHD Ultra Wide Angle Lens: Equipped with a newly designed wide-angle lens maintaining a 128° super wide-angle perspective, the PALM 2 Pro minimizes distortion while faithfully reproducing the human eye's field of view. Witness more unforgettable moments and explore a broader world.

- Seamless Wireless Connectivity: Utilizing built-in 2.4GHz/5.8GHz WiFi, the PALM 2 Pro effortlessly connects to smartphones, facilitating streamlined control, previewing, and editing of footage through an optimized transmission system with accelerated download speeds.

- Intelligent Tracking: The PALM 2 Pro's smart tracking feature automatically identifies faces, enabling precise and rapid locking onto targets. Double-tap on the touchscreen to effortlessly keep subjects centered in the frame.

- Built-in Story Mode: Access a plethora of templates with a single tap and explore various built-in shooting modes for effortless video creation. Unlock professional-grade video solutions at your fingertips.

- All-in-One Design: Equipped with an audio jack and 1/4" thread, the PALM 2 Pro offers versatility by enabling attachment to tripods or external microphones for enhanced video quality.

- Ergonomic Joystick and Buttons: Featuring a classic track-shaped oval design and heat insulation material, the PALM 2 Pro ensures a secure grip, reducing slippage and enhancing comfort during prolonged use.

Experience unparalleled versatility and performance with the Fimi Palm 2 Pro 3-Axis Gimbal Pocket Camera, your ultimate companion for capturing life's moments with precision and clarity.

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