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TUTT KF613 5G WiFi GPS Mini Drone Brushless Motor RC Quadcopter 4K HD Camera Obstacle Avoidance Gimbal Intelligence Follow Me and Orbit Modes Quadcopter 2* Batteries

par TUTT
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Product Description

• TUTT KF613 5G WiFi GPS Drone is a cutting-edge quadcopter designed for enthusiasts seeking advanced features and high-quality aerial imaging capabilities.
• This sleek drone boasts a 4K HD camera with a 90° lens, ensuring stunning video resolution at 3840*2160P and crisp photo captures at 1920*1080P, perfect for capturing breathtaking aerial footage and photos.
• Equipped with a powerful 1503 brushless motor, the KF613 offers smooth and efficient flight performance, ensuring stability and reliability during every flight.
• Its foldable design makes it highly portable, with dimensions of 260*260*55MM when unfolded and 135*90.5*55MM when folded, allowing for easy transportation and storage.
• With a control distance of up to 200 meters and a WiFi image transmission distance of 120 meters, the KF613 provides ample range for exploring the skies and capturing stunning aerial views.
• Enjoy an extended flight time of approximately 18 minutes on a single charge, with a charging time of 150 minutes, allowing for longer aerial sessions and uninterrupted filming.
• Compatible with both iOS and Android devices (iOS 8.0 or later / Android 4.4 or later), the drone offers seamless connectivity and control via the dedicated mobile app, enabling intuitive flight control and access to advanced features.
Technical Specifications:
• Model: KF613
• Color: Dark Grey
• Motor Type: 1503 brushless motor
• Frequency: 2.4G • Drone Battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
• Remote Controller Battery: 3*AA • Camera Lens: 90° • Frame Rate: 25 fps • Photo Format: JPG • Video Format: MP4 or AVI
• Electric tuner 5G high definition picture transmission for real-time FPV viewing.
• Intelligent following mode allows the drone to automatically follow and capture subjects for dynamic shots.
• Out of control / low power return ensures the drone returns safely in case of signal loss or low battery.
• Orbiting flight mode enables the drone to circle around a designated point of interest, capturing stunning panoramic shots.
• Mobile phone control via the dedicated app offers intuitive and convenient flight control.
• GPS/optical flow positioning ensures precise and stable flight, even in challenging environments.
• Micro film production feature allows for creative video editing and production directly from the app.
• GPS intelligent return feature ensures the drone safely returns to its takeoff point with the push of a button.
• Custom voyage intelligent mode allows users to plan and execute customized flight routes.
• Obstacle avoidance technology helps prevent collisions and ensures safe and worry-free flights.

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