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TUTT S1 Portable Laptop Monitor Screen Extender 14 Inch FHD 1080P IPS with Built-in Stand and Speakers, HDMI/Type-C Plug and Play Display for 13"-17" Laptops (Mac, Wins, Android)

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Product Description

1. **Lightweight and Portable Excellence:** Thoughtfully crafted with portability in mind, the TUTT S1 comes with an easy-to-stow pouch, ensuring you can effortlessly carry it wherever your work takes you. Stay productive on the move with this lightweight companion.

2. **Fatigue Reduction Through Dual Monitors:** Harness the main advantage of dual monitors – a significant reduction in mouse clicks and window switching. Even with similar task durations, the TUTT S1 minimizes fatigue levels, making it an ergonomic solution for extended work sessions.

3. **Efficiency Boost with Split Screen Functionality:** Unlock heightened efficiency by utilizing the split-screen feature. Perfect for data comparison or information collection, this monitor enables simultaneous viewing of data materials and analysis or text output, enhancing your workflow.

4. **Crystal-Clear FHD IPS Display:** Immerse yourself in a visual feast with the 14-inch FHD IPS screen. Boasting a 1080P resolution and anti-glare technology, the display delivers stunning color richness at a smooth 60Hz refresh rate. Ideal for pictures, videos, work tasks, and overall screen quality.

5. **Universal Compatibility, Effortless Setup:** Connect seamlessly to a variety of devices and systems using the included Type-C cable and HDMI to Type-C cable. The TUTT S1 is compatible with 13"-17" laptops, supporting both Mac, Windows, and Android systems. Enjoy a plug-and-play experience with no need for additional drivers. Expérimentez une productivité améliorée et une clarté visuelle accrue avec le TUTT S1, un extenseur d'écran de laptop IPS FHD 1080P de 14 pouces conçu pour une efficacité transparente en déplacement. Voici pourquoi il se distingue 

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