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TUTT S2 Mini FHD 12” Portable Laptop Dual Monitor Screen Triple Extender 1080P IPS Built-in Stand and Speakers, HDMI/Type-C Plug and Play Display for 13"-17" Laptops Mac Window

par TUTT
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Prix d'origine $589.99
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Prix actuel $445.99

Dedicated Technical Support Line for Connection on the Package:

Text “Monitor” to the Number provided on the package a technician will call you within 90 minutes (Only Text)

 Important Notes Before Purchase:

Only USB-C full-featured ports with Thunderbolt or similar marks transmit video.

Your laptop needs:

Two USB-C full-featured ports, or

One USB-C full-featured port and one HDMI port.

Connection order:

Connect the laptop’s USB-C full-featured port to the first monitor.

Connect the laptop’s HDMI port to the second monitor.

Connect the second monitor’s USB-C port to a wall charger.

Some laptops may not support extra power through USB-C.

For Apple M1/M2/M3 MacBook or other models, you may need an H5 2-in-1 High Definition Video Transmission Conversion Cable.

Please Contact Us First If You’re Not Sure About Compatibility

TUTT S2 Mini Portable Laptop Monitor Extender

Enhanced Productivity:

The TUTT S2 Mini dual-screen extender is designed to significantly boost productivity by offering multi-screen simultaneous and differential display options, enabling seamless multitasking.

Portable Design:

Weighing just 1.2 kg the TUTT S2 Mini is ultra-portable and includes a convenient carrying bag. It supports laptop screens up to 17 inches and features an upgraded, stable stand for enhanced usability.

Seamless Connectivity:

The TUTT S2 Mini is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Android, requiring no drivers for a true plug-and-play experience. It offers multiple connection options, including USB-C and HDMI, and supports laptops with dual video signal outputs (note: not compatible with M1/M2 chip MacBooks for dual-screen functionality).

Fatigue Reduction Through Dual Monitors:

Utilizing dual monitors can significantly reduce the number of mouse clicks and window switches required during your workday. The TUTT S2 Mini is an ergonomic solution that helps minimize fatigue, even during extended work sessions, by streamlining your workflow and reducing physical strain.

Efficiency Boost with Split Screen Functionality:

Enhance your productivity with the TUTT S2 Mini’s split-screen feature. This functionality is perfect for tasks that require data comparison or simultaneous viewing of multiple documents. Whether you are analyzing data, collecting information, or drafting text, the split-screen mode enhances your efficiency by enabling a more organized and effective workflow.

Crystal-Clear FHD IPS Display:

 Immerse yourself in high-quality visuals with the 12-inch Full HD IPS screen. With a resolution of 1080P, anti-glare technology, and a smooth 60Hz refresh rate, the TUTT S2 Mini delivers vibrant and clear images. This display is ideal for various tasks, including viewing pictures and videos, working on detailed projects, or enjoying rich visual content.

Universal Compatibility and Effortless Setup:

The TUTT S2 Mini offers seamless connectivity with its included Type-C and HDMI to Type-C cables. Compatible with 13”-17” laptops, it supports Mac, Windows, and Android systems, providing a true plug-and-play experience. No additional drivers are needed, allowing you to connect quickly and start working immediately.

Key Features:

Lightweight and portable design with a convenient carrying pouch

Dual monitor setup reduces fatigue and increases ergonomic comfort

Split-screen functionality for enhanced productivity

12-inch Full HD 1080P IPS display with anti-glare and 60Hz refresh rate

Universal compatibility with Mac, Windows, and Android systems

Easy plug-and-play setup with included cables

Premium Display:

Equipped with dual 12-inch Full HD 1080P IPS screens boasting 300 nits brightness, the TUTT S2 Mini delivers exceptional display quality. Both screens can rotate 180 degrees, allowing for customizable viewing angles.

Box Contents:

TUTT S2 Mini Monitor Extender-Host

2 x USB-A to USB-C cables

2 x USB-C to USB-C cables

1 x HDMI to Type-C cable

2 x User Guides

Important Notes:

Only USB-C full-featured ports with Thunderbolt or similar marks transmit video.

Requires two USB-C full-featured ports, or one USB-C full-featured port and one HDMI port.

Some laptops may require an external power adapter or additional cables for optimal performance.

Not compatible with 2020 M1 and 2022 M2 chip MacBooks for dual-screen functionality. Please contact us for compatibility questions.

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