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Free Shipping Canada & US - Ontario Based


TUTT S6 (New Generation) 15.6" Portable Dual Triple Screen Monitor Extension - TUTT

TUTT S6 (New Generation) 15.6" Portable Dual Triple Screen Monitor Extension

Enhanced Portability and Protection


Experience upgraded convenience with the TUTT S6 New Generation 15.6” Portable Dual Triple Screen Monitor Extension. Enjoy the freedom of horizontal or vertical 180-degree rotation, allowing for personalized viewing angles while ensuring optimal laptop protection.


Intelligent Cooling Base


The smart base not only serves as a stable triple monitor stand but also enhances heat dissipation, promoting extended laptop usage. Improve posture, reducing strain on shoulders and neck, while enjoying the base’s functionality as a convenient storage compartment for the portable monitors when not in use.


Maximize productivity with the TUTT S6 Triple-Screen Monitor, offering extension, mirroring, portrait, and landscape modes. Seamlessly switch between tasks and share screens during meetings or presentations, boosting collaboration and efficiency. Compatible with various systems, including MacOS, Windows OS, Android phones, Chrome, Linux, Switch, Xbox, and PS4.


Simple Connectivity, Instant Usage


Enjoy hassle-free connectivity with plug-and-play functionality, requiring only one full-featured Type-C cable (with Thunderbolt interface). For laptops without Type-C support for video output, utilize the HDMI and Type-C combination. Say goodbye to complex setups and dive into instant usage with the TUTT S6 triple portable monitor for laptops.


Flexible Stand Design


Crafted with a lightweight all-aluminum frame, the TUTT S6 Portable Monitor offers exceptional durability while weighing only 5.7 pounds. Easily mount the dual 15.6-inch screens on the adjustable stand, featuring height, pivot, swivel, and tilt adjustments for personalized comfort. With each monitor weighing just 689 grams and measuring a thickness of 9 millimeters, portability is effortless. When on the move, simply take the monitor alone for a minimalist setup.


Key Features


Portable design

Full HD 1080P resolution

IPS panel with 220 cd/m² brightness

Height adjustment

Glossy screen

Pivot adjustment

Swivel adjustment

Tilt adjustment

Flicker-free technology

Built-in speakers for immersive audio experiences

178° viewing angle

60Hz refresh rate

25ms response time

16.7 million colors



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