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Announcing Our New Portable Monitor Support Line - TUTT

Announcing Our New Portable Monitor Support Line

Announcing Our New Portable Monitor Support Line

At TUTT, we constantly strive to improve our customer service and provide solutions that enhance your experience with our products. Recently, we’ve noticed an influx of inquiries about connecting portable monitors to laptops. To address this, we are excited to announce the launch of our new support line, dedicated exclusively to resolving these issues.

How It Works

Starting today, customers can receive expert assistance by simply texting the word “Support” to (647) 887-6240. One of our skilled technicians will respond within 60 minutes to guide you through the connection process or troubleshoot any problems you might be facing.

Important Instructions

To ensure a smooth connection process, please follow these guidelines:


• Ports: Only USB-C full-featured ports with Thunderbolt or similar marks transmit video.
• Laptop Configuration:
• Two USB-C full-featured ports, or
• One USB-C full-featured port and one HDMI port.

Connection Order:

1. Connect the laptop’s USB-C full-featured port to the first monitor.
2. Connect the laptop’s HDMI port to the second monitor.
3. Connect the second monitor’s USB-C port to a wall charger.
4. Some laptops may not support extra power through USB-C.
5. For Apple M1/M2/M3 MacBook or other models, you may need an H5 2-in-1 High Definition Video Transmission Conversion Cable.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your portable monitors are connected correctly and efficiently.

About TUTT

We Are Curious About Electronics

While we cannot guarantee that every customer will love our products, we are committed to providing an excellent shopping experience.

Founded in 2016 under Takcan Inc., a registered business and trademark in Ontario, TUTT has been on a journey of continuous learning and self-education to optimize our supply chain and better understand market demands. This allows us to offer high-quality products that meet our customers’ needs.

Since entering the e-commerce space in 2022, we have expanded our presence across various marketplaces. Our primary focus areas include consumer electronics, smartwatches, drones, high-tech electronics, and appliances. Our core team, based in Toronto, comprises experts in tech research, marketing, coordination, and management. We also outsource various tasks to maintain our company’s core values.

We are proud to collaborate closely with emerging start-up companies specializing in electronics innovation in Canada, benefiting from fresh and innovative solutions for new product lines.

Slogan: We Sell What We Use Ourselves.
All items are shipped from our location in Toronto.

For more information about our products and services, visit our website or contact our support team. Thank you for choosing TUTT for your electronics needs.

Feel free to reach out to our new support line for any assistance with your portable monitors. We are here to help ensure your devices work seamlessly and enhance your overall experience.
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